Why I write

This post is a reminder to myself. I’ve started blogs, private journals, email threads, subreddits, many times over, and never stuck to them. However, as time goes by, I’ve accumulated a series of reasons to write more, and I’m listing them here as a self-motivation tool for when I notice myself dragging my feet on adding content to this website. Review Writing helps place memories into context. Whether it’s a book I read, a place I went to, or a thing I did, it helps to mentally go over it, gather my thoughts, and condense the most salient aspects of my experience together into a narrative.


I’m Kashyap Tumkur, a software engineer, technology geek, and an avid reader based out of Northern California. I set up this blog to journal my experiences and polish my writing skills. If you’re looking for my professional information, see my LinkedIn page.